CNBC Interview with Chris Finan

CNBC interviewed Chris Finan, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Manifold Technologies, in regards to the recent truck attack on Nice, France.  Chris discusses how a new type of autonomous truck being developed could be a potential threat when it makes it’s way to America and options that could help disengage these possible threats.  Chris goes on to add that “this isn’t something people need to freak out about happening tomorrow.” “We’ve seen vulnerability researchers in the last year or so prove that this technology can be hacked,” he told CNBC. “Really great hackers aren’t always the smartest people, but the most creative. You succeed because of cleverness, not because you have the best technology. They always have the most clever ways of finding vulnerabilities.”

Manifold Technologies, Inc. is a portfolio company to Malibu IQ, a ventures portfolio company of  Manti.