Malibu IQ


The leadership of Manti saw the potential for growth outside of oil and gas, with emerging IT and intellectual properties fields. Malibu IQ was founded by Manti as an entrepreneurial private investment partnership, in order to create a working relationship with the HRL Laboratories team in Malibu, CA. Malibu IQ’s goals are to explore the vast amount of patents that HRL holds and to become a gateway to accelerate the commercialization of their proven inventions, originally developed for the defense, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Malibu IQ’s current portfolio includes:

  • Malibu Integrated Circuits, LLC
  • Navitas Semiconductor, Inc.
  • Mission Microwave Technologies, Inc.
  • Manifold Security, Inc.

HRL has capitalized on the best people resources in a positive working environment, since their establishment in 1960. Malibu IQ is honored to continue to be a part of the HRL team.

Malibu IQ website