Manifold Technology in the News

Chris FinanChris Finan, Co-Founder and CEO of Manifold Technology,  was recently featured in the CoinReport in an article regarding the DAO attacks.  Finan discusses the impact that  blockchain technology can have in shielding future businesses to these type of attacks. When asked about the formation of Manifold Technology in the article, Finan was quoted as saying,

“We saw an opportunity to build a platform optimized for institutional use. When you distill the concept of a blockchain to its essence you can create much higher performing platforms that address a lot of institutional pain points. We’ve created a platform that empowers institutions to be much more efficient across their internal lines of business, as well as across consortia partners. And the immutable audit records our platform creates enhance both consumer and overseer trust.”

Manifold Security, Inc. is a portfolio company of Malibu IQ, a ventures portfolio company of Manti.