About Us

Manti Resources, Inc.

Manti Resources, Inc. was founded on oil and gas exploration and operations in 1989. Boasting strong core values while maintaining a loyal team of the highest caliber, Manti continually establishes and maintains quality partner & subsidiary relationships. The company has strategically achieved global expansion through energy partners, while obtaining diversified ventures into a multi-faceted business portfolio. Manti’s staying power is a result of a vision and ability to explore innovative and unique opportunities, while preserving the original foundation of energy efficiency and extending a company focus of social responsibility.

Manti Resources, Inc. has achieved an international reputation for operative excellence in developing both unconventional resource and conventional oil and gas plays. The initial team was assembled from Exxon management and professionals, with additional professionals from Chevron, Texaco, Arco, Oxy, BHP and independents. The operational team’s prowess is recognized as one of the most seasoned and accomplished teams in the business. Manti has also expanded its interests over the years with joint venture partners that include Exxon, Shell, Conoco, Chevron, BHP and more.

In addition to the energy sector, Manti also invests in advanced game-changing technologies with a worldwide reach and impact through Manti Ventures. These interests include: medical devices, semiconductor and covert technologies, and cyber security. Manti’s interests impact a wide range of business sectors including: oil and gas, mechanical/healthcare electronics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, spirits, tobacco, consumer goods and agrochemical industries. Manti has collaborated or partnered with a number of companies and major institutions around the world, including Boeing, General Motors and governmental entities regulating banking institutions and currency.

Manti Resources, Inc. is headquartered in Covington, LA, with the majority of oil and gas operations in Houston, TX.