Comite Resources


Comite Resources is a small innovative environmental consulting company that specializes in wetland restoration and in using wetlands to remove nutrients and sediments from secondarily treated municipal effluent, stormwater runoff, and other waste waters. Comite Resources also develops wetland restoration plans and conducts wetland delineations and environmental sampling and monitoring programs. The innovative wetland restoration approach used by Comite Resources aligned with Manti’s goals of adding an environmental company to its portfolio, and in 2004 their relationship began. Though Comite Resources runs independently, it benefits from Manti’s expertise and support when needed.

Some of the many services offered Comite Resources include:

Environmental Services

Wetland Delineation
Stormwater Wetlands
Wetland Assimilation
Wetland Restoration
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Environmental Mapping

Environmental Compliance

Permit Preparation
Management Plans

Litigation Support
Data Analysis & Management
Wastewater Treatment System Evaluation

Comite Resources has established itself as an expert in understanding wetland environments since 1998. Their team of experts includes Dr. John W. Day, Emeritus professor at Louisiana State University, a world-renowned wetland expert. Scientists with Comite Resources have over 100 years of combined scientific research and regulatory experience in wetland and coastal environments worldwide. They provide ecosystem-based solutions for projects by designing site-specific strategies through a careful process of field monitoring, data analyses, literature review, and professional collaboration.

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