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Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights 2020:

The Manti-Tarka team has broken yet another Ward County record for the highest on Bottom ROP for a 10,000ft lateral with the recent Barbaro 119-120 1TB well with rig B11.


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

GE Healthcare Invests in Decisio Health

GE reports that GE Healthcare has announced 3 healthcare technologies that they will be investing in and Decisio is one of the 3 companies.  Kieran Murphy, president and CEO of GE Healthcare stated, “Healthcare’s next …Read More


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Build SOS Social Outreach Initiative

From the beginning of BuildSOS’ existence, its board members which includes Joe Mistich, a member of the Manti Ventures team, have searched for versatile ways to give back. From this overarching goal hatched BuildSOS’ charitable …Read More