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Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights 2020:

The Manti-Tarka team has broken yet another Ward County record for the highest on Bottom ROP for a 10,000ft lateral with the recent Barbaro 119-120 1TB well with rig B11.


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Decisio Software System Being Used to Help with COVID

Decisio Health’s software program is currently being used at the Baylor St. Lukes Medical Center in Texas for COVID. The system has been used at Baylor St. Luke’s for a few years now but has …Read More


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Build SOS Social Outreach Initiative

From the beginning of BuildSOS’ existence, its board members which includes Joe Mistich, a member of the Manti Ventures team, have searched for versatile ways to give back. From this overarching goal hatched BuildSOS’ charitable …Read More