Decisio Health: Bryan Hardt


Bryan Haardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Decisio Health, was interviewed by Modern Healthcare with it’s most recent launch of the Decisio Medical Technology at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Nurses and staff had a favorable response to the software and were quoted saying, “You can literally walk into a patient’s room and, along with a report and physical examination, you can have a really good idea of what’s going on with this patient.”

The Decisio platform technology is the first Food and Drug Administration approved web based clinical platform with screens that display data in a easy read format.  Haardt’s response when talking about the development of the Medical Technology was, “We looked at that and said maybe a better way would be to start at the source, which is the patient, and instead of top down, go bottom up and really impact the utilization of analytics in real time by doing it at the point of patient care.”

Decisio Health is a portfolio company of Manti.