Manti was a crucial contributor and co-founder of Authentix, which was established in 2003. Lee Barberito continues to hold a seat on their Board of Directors with a substantial ownership position in the Manti ventures portfolio.  Authentix was formed from the merger of two companies; Isotag and Biocode, to create the globally recognized company that exists today.  Maintaining the highest integrity for its multi-faceted security technology, the name Authentix has become synonymous with authentication. Its industry-leading authentication and traceability expertise continue to help reduce fraud and protect consumers and corporations worldwide. Authentix is a provider of brand protection, excise tax recovery, and supply chain security solutions.

From gas, to medicine, to currency, Authentix is involved with many diverse corporate entities. Below are some areas where Authentix can be found:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Consumer products
  • Currency
  • Fuel marking
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Spirits

Offering the strictest confidentiality to ensure the protection of the client’s applications and the sustainability of their solutions, Authentix caters and customizes per the needs of the client.

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