Navitas Current Affairs

SemiconductorTODAY announces that, Navitas has launched the first integrated half-bridge gallium nitride power IC.  The half-bridge components are essential when powering most electronic devices.  The new gallium nitride power IC will deliver a faster …Read More

Top 25 Veteran-Founded Startups

According to Forbes Magazine Manifold Technology was ranked #14 on the Top 25 Veteran-Founded Startups in America.  Manifold Technology was founded by Chris Finan, US Air Force, Pilot and Intelligence in 2014.    Manifold Technology, Inc. is …Read More

Manifold Technology Releases Platform …

International Business Times reports that Manifold Technology released the platform for blockchain while at the Wall Street Conference on November 29, 2016.  The platform was designed for businesses in order to handle more transactions without being …Read More
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Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2016

2016 Drilling Activity January:  MTP completes Pecos County, Smarty Jones State 32-1HA targeting the Upper Wolfcamp with a 15,360-ft MD horizontal. The well tested with a 24-hr test rate of 807 Bo/d and 0.8 MMcf/d (939 …Read More

Authentix Announces Sherlox

Authentix introduces a new information system called Sherlox as reported by PRNewswire.   Sherlox protects owners brands through early detection of counterfeiting.  This platform determines where the source of  the counterfeiting began.  Sherlox is made to be mobile which gives …Read More

Comite Resources assists St Tammany Pa …

Comite Resources was recently noted in, regarding the creation of a man-made floating marsh that will assist cleaning ponds in the Covington area, contaminated by storm water runoff.  Gary Shaffer stated,”While water quality tests are in only …Read More

Decisio Health: Bryan Hardt

Bryan Haardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Decisio Health, was interviewed by Modern Healthcare with it’s most recent launch of the Decisio Medical Technology at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Nurses and staff had a favorable response to …Read More
Chris Finan

CNBC Interview with Chris Finan

CNBC interviewed Chris Finan, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Manifold Technologies, in regards to the recent truck attack on Nice, France.  Chris discusses how a new type of autonomous truck being developed could be a …Read More
Chris Finan

Manifold Technology in the News

Chris Finan, Co-Founder and CEO of Manifold Technology,  was recently featured in the CoinReport in an article regarding the DAO attacks.  Finan discusses the impact that  blockchain technology can have in shielding future businesses to these …Read More