Manifold Technology Releases Platform for Blockchain

logo-mInternational Business Times reports that Manifold Technology released the platform for blockchain while at the Wall Street Conference on November 29, 2016.  The platform was designed for businesses in order to handle more transactions without being more susceptible to malicious external breaches.   The platform can also be used for asset management and has already transformed the Royal Bank of Canada’s rewards program. 

Manifold CEO Chris Finan, said: “My co-founder Rob Seger and I got excited about blockchain after playing around with Bitcoin a few years back. But, we knew the public blockchain didn’t offer the speed or security that financial services firms needed. We are very proud to release this platform today so any developer will be able to use blockchain technology at speeds that were unimaginable to us two years ago.”

Manifold Technology, Inc. is a portfolio company to Malibu IQ, a ventures portfolio company of Manti.