Authentix Announces Sherlox

authentix-low-res-small-REPLACE-ME-200sqAuthentix introduces a new information system called Sherlox as reported by PRNewswire.   Sherlox protects owners brands through early detection of counterfeiting.  This platform determines where the source of  the counterfeiting began.  Sherlox is made to be mobile which gives brand owners the opportunity to use it on a computer, tablet or smart phone.  Authentix Vice President and General Manager, David Schneider is quoted saying;

“Sherlox will assist brand owners and investigators in locating the sources of counterfeiting activity in their global supply chains as well as simplify the case management process,””Authentix has taken the Internet of Things framework and applied it to brand protection creating a dynamic global view for brand owners to assess their supply chains and distribution channels and take action.”


Authentix is a portfolio company of Manti.