Manti Portfolio Companies News Roundup

3D printed piece on hand
3D printed piece on hand

Manti Resources, Inc. has a diverse portfolio of venture companies that often are featured in news articles. Below, is a roundup of various articles from Malibu IQ and Decisio Health.

Mission Microwave: A portfolio company of Malibu IQ, introduced their lines of Ku- and Ka-band Solid State Power Amplifier BUC at a 205 satellite show in Washington DC. Read more about an article featuring them here and learn more about them  from their website here.

Manifold Technology: A Malibu IQ portfolio company that deals with blockchain security, was written about in the Bitcoinist this year. More can be read about Manifold Technology on their website.

Decisio Health: A healthcare software company in the Manti Portfolio, had a recent write up in the Houston Business Journal, regarding raising millions of capital following receiving FDA approval. To find out more about Decisio Health, visit their website.

Architected Materials: Another Malibu IQ portfolio company has created a material that is 100 times lighter than styrofoam. A video regarding how this microlattice material is being tested in football helmets can be seen here.  To find out more about Architected Materials, visit their website.

Navitas: Another Malibu IQ portfolio company was featured in Berkshire Hathaways’s BusinessWire.  They announced the world’s first Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power ICs, using its proprietary AllGaN™ monolithically-integrated 650V platform. To read more about Navitas Semiconductor, visit their website.