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Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2015

  Drilling Activity Deleware Basin, 2015     July: COG/MTP Reeves County Angler 301H horizontal well completed in the Wolfbone with a 30-day IP rate of 1,330 BOPD. October: COG/MTP Reeves County Angler 303H horizontal well completed …Read More


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

NOW Available for Purchase Smallest and Most Efficient USB-C Charger

Navitas Semiconductor created the smallest and most efficient charger for electronics using the GaNFast technology.  The GaNFast Technology is said to reduce power consumption by 40% and has a quicker charge, as reported in the …Read More


Manti-Tarka Drilling Highlights: 2018

Cryopen Making a Difference in Haiti

Dr. Haas’s Cryopen® invention has changed the way cervical cancer will be treated at the Klinik Manitane in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. According to the June article written for Direct, Dr. Haas’s June 2015 visit and intention …Read More

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