Pawdner Drilling

Pawdner-Drilling-200sqPawdner Drilling, is a Manti and Orion Drilling Company located in Corpus Christi, Texas. They own the technically innovative Draco Drilling Rig.For their inventory, see attached Rig Inventory and see specs below.


  • 1500HP powered by two, 800HP DC traction motors

Engine/Generator Sets

  • Three Cummins KTA50 diesel engines
  • Blowout Preventer System
  • One 13-5/8″ 10M double ram BOP
  • One 13-5/8″ 10M single ram BOP
  • One 13-5/8″ 5M annular
  • All are Shaffer type BOP’s and meet API 16D
  • One Koomey 6 station accumulator, API 16E
  • A 10M flexible choke line and 4″ X 4″ 10M choke manifold

Mud Pumps

  • Two BMMP F-1600 triplex mud pumps (rated 1600HP each)

Overhead Strings

  • One 400 ton, six sheave Block, with a 12 line string up of 1-3/8″


  • IDM Equipment 136′ telescoping mast with 750,000# hook load

Top Drive

  • Canrig 350 Ton AC


  • IDM 22′ hydraulically telescoping substructure rated at 735,000# rotary load with 400,000# simultaneous setback

Rotary Table

  • Emsco Type 37″ Rotary independently driven by one 800 HP DC traction motor

Mud System

  • 848 barrels total active capacity
  • 106 barrel trip tank
  • Three Brandt King Cobra shale shakers
  • Brandt DG-10 degasser
  • Brandt 16 cone desilter

For more information about the Draco rig or to inquire about leasing, visit: Orion Drilling Company or call Greg Doramus, Sales Manager (361) 299-9800