Build SOS

Manti’s Joe Mistich, began on the road to establishing proprietary technology and systems that power the company Build SOS today, post-Hurricane Katrina, 2007. He identified a lack of technology in the residential building industry and helped create solutions to help decrease fraud, which in turn would both strengthen the industry and help homeowners. Manti maintains significant interest in both Build SOS and CIS (the technology portion) today. This interdependent system offers unique technological solutions to promote the safety, welfare and accessibility of authenticated information needed to revolutionize the residential building industry.

  • Strengthen the residential building industry for both homeowners and trade professionals, year round and in response to disasters.
  • Integrating both social responsibility and educational components into corporate structure
  • Smart connecting: Homeowners, builders, manufacturers & vendors, non-profits & volunteers, government, and subcontractors
  • Pre and post- disaster services
  • Simplify the process of homebuilding

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