Build SOS Social Outreach Initiative

From the beginning of BuildSOS’ existence, its board members which includes Joe Mistich, a member of the Manti Ventures team, have searched for versatile ways to give back. From this overarching goal hatched BuildSOS’ charitable and social outreach program. A mission was established that resonates in the actions of the organization: commit a percentage of gross revenues to a 501(c)(3) organization of the company’s choice to achieve social outreach.


BuildSOS is affiliated with Sister Judith Brun’s three-tiered program Community Initiative Foundation (CIF) and its two initiatives TakeCare and Tommy’s Place. CIF was born after Katrina with the intent to aid the tragic state of public schooling as well as offer support for children evacuees and traumatized parents.

BuildSOS has established fruitful partnerships with other companies that allow for their social outreach mission to be carried out. These companies include EE&G, PJM Supply Company, The Home Depot, Manti Resources, CIF, TakeCare and Tommy’s Place. In the second year of BuildSOS, the company’s financial threshold was met that allowed the board members and partners to pick a charity of their choice to offer aid. Timothy Gipe of EE&G selected a charity with a efficacious mission with the right help: CAP Foundation.


            Fundación CAP is a non-profit organization that since 1989 has been working for children with cancer at Hospital Pediátrico, the leading public pediatric hospital in Puerto Rico.  The organization’s mission is to ensure that ALL children with cancer, regardless of their financial resources, have access to first-class cancer treatment here in Puerto Rico, close to their family and home.  The entirety of funds raised remain in Puerto Rico. CAP provides advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment, keeps up to date the facilities and provides support services for patients, family members and staff of the Oncology Unit.


Upon visiting the University PediatricHospital in Puerto Rico, BuildSOS and partners were highly impressed by the representatives of the CAP foundation. Its members as well as the patients left a warm impression with contagious smiles and the lasting feelings of hope and utter strength. The foundation gives the children many opportunities to escape their condition psychologically while in the process of treatment and diagnosis. One impressive and simple, yet effective approach to this is an internal cinema that plays movies for the children. This offers a hiatus for the patients and their families in their time of high stress.


We would like to thank Nydia Fernandez, Executive Director of the Fundación CAP, deeply for her dedication to this program that offers help, physically and mentally, that would otherwise be unavailable without CAP to so many pediatric cancer patients of Puerto Rico.